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Town House Rosario

The Past and the Future of Town House Rosario

At the intersection of comfort, convenience and old-time luxury lies Town House Rosario. We can provide  the best hotel rooms, a Deluxe Apartment, free parking and a host of other services that are guaranteed to make your stay with us a memorable one.

Town House Rosario is located in the very centre of the historic and beautiful town of Stari Grad, providing you with the perfect platform to explore this wonderful area of the Dalmatian Coast, and its surrounding attractions. 

Stari Grad is one of the oldest towns in Europe . It's surrounding areas are protected by UNESCO, ensuring it retains its ancient beauty. and it retains its ancient beauty. 

The house itself has a long history, filled with the joys and tribulations of five generations of one family.  We asked the former owners to write a short passage about the house's history and you can read it below:

"This three century-old traditional stone house in Siberija preserves albums of memories of five
generations.  Hidden behind the stone facade; a lot of childish joys, youthful
plans, joy and happiness, but also unfulfilled wishes, sad, short partings and partings that lasted

It was home to proud and hardworking natives and the house powered generations of our family. Our great-grandfathers and
great-grandmothers were artisans producing valuable crafts, excellent shoemakers and bakers running their own
bakeries and farmers who embraced scientific and technological
advancements and applied them  in the cultivation of vineyards, olive groves and gardens.
The konoba was heady with the aroma of  home-made prosecco, brandy and wine stored in large barrels, from the earthy and sweet smell of sumptuous fruits  and vegetables from the fertile land
stored in wicker baskets, and from the olive oil and lavender oil kept in large stone vessels and the deep glass jars.. The house soaked up all these aromas into its stone facade.


In time, social circumstances changed
and with it changed the traditional attachment to these ancient occupations. The new age filled the house with women descendants and their going to higher education in Croatia created a generational
turning point. They returned with a degree in hand but no job in the old professions. The ancestral hearth bade farewell to its traditional guardians and became a place of occasional visits, loved at a distance.

Still, the house has endured, and the memories of its former residents remain frozen in the stone walls and in our hearts forever. The house now has a new beginning and new visitors can add their memories to its precious stone walls".

Margita, former owner.

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